Aging of the year

As the year rolls by from sparkle to almost withering dust,

I know things that I wish I knew before.

I know now that I am strong, so much stronger than what I thought.

I can handle sinking ships and thunderstorms

and cross the tightrope without second doubting myself.

I know that I matter.

I know that no one else can give me the validation

that I myself can give to my crumbling heart at midnights.

I know that I am a kind soul,

but that I don’t have to prove it at every corner that I turn.

I’ll always have people who love me for who I am,

all my craziness and serious phases

wrapped up in one giftwrap waiting for the right password for it to unwind.

And people who don’t always stay in our life

are not the symbols of our mistakes

but symbols of growing up and moving towards newer directions.

But most of all I’ve learned,

that change isn’t half as bad as we’ve been told.

In fact change is pretty good.

I think as the year has aged,

so have I,

in ways I can’t ever comprehend at times.



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