Ichigo Ichie (Part 1 )

You were 12 minutes and 26 seconds late when you ran inside the cafe holding a magazine over your head to try to escape the pouring rain. But in vain because you were soaked. And the chocolate brown lock of your hair stuck to your forehead making you look the way I last saw you. Happy, in love and mine. You took a seat infront of me and looked me in the eye. It was not a staring contest but as if you were trying to remember who I was. Taking your time, you politely smiled and said hello and asked if I had been waiting for too long. I almost said yes, I had been waiting for more than 12 minutes and 26 seconds now. I had been waiting since the day I walked away. So you took a sip of your latte while I told you about why I ended up calling you after all these years. You said you missed me too. I wonder if you still thought about the time we met back in the spring and how I cherished each conversation by making lovesick poetry out of it. After about 2 hours we got up , hugged and I watched you walk out the door . I sat back down opening my journal to try to engrave you in lovesick poetry that I never stopped writing. 



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