Ichigo Ichie (Part 2)

My phone lit up with your photograph when you called me at precisely 10 am asking if we could catch up. It had been 4 years since I last saw you and I could not pass up the opportunity of seeing you, not after hearing your voice again. I know you were still familiar with my habits and so I arrived at the cafe about 12 minutes and 26 seconds late. Exactly the time it had taken for me to fall in love with you. The downpour was getting heavier as i reached the cafe drenched with only a magazine to shield myself. I could almost go back to the time when we were together and you always insisted I carried an umbrella. The chiming of the bell at the door of the cafe made you look up and one look was all it took for nostalgia to hit me. You still wore the envelope shaped necklace that i gave you and your hair were longer now but still as beautiful as ever. But it were your eyes that made me stop and really look at you. I drowned in them all over again and it took me a minute to recompose myself. To remind me that you walked away. You said you missed me. I believed you. After about 2 hours, we got up and you hugged me. I ran away from you as fast as I could. I did not tell you that I still loved you. That I never stopped. 



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