Koi No Yokan

A collision into another is sometimes more than just an accident,

it is a moment of transpiring electricity.

An eruption of fireworks in the daylight. 

I felt the goosebumps rise on my skin

when your fingers brushed mine ever so slightly

and a red blush crept up on my cheek.

There was something unmistakably inviting in your smile

that seemed to say ” I think I know you from an another life”. 

Time seemed to halt

As my eyes fixed upon your almond shaped ones

and I knew that I will never be able to forget the color of your irises. 

Your lips parted and a string of letters which sounded like mellifluous music to my brain

said ” Thank you” and god I knew I was whipped for a lifetime. 

I knew that love was a spoonful of honey

that I was dying to swallow

and that you were an epiphany I was dying to have .

And boy, was I in love. 



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