Inopsophilo phobia

You looked luminous under the street light while holding my hand and taking a bite from my blueberry ice cream.

You said it tasted like good memories and a happy future where we were still bestfriends.

It’s been exactly 274 days since I deleted your number from my phone

but I remember each digit like you never forgot whenever I told you something important. 

My heart beats blood in my veins

and your name in my arteries

while your heart doesn’t acknowledge the curls of my hair

and the strawberry lip gloss that I always wore.

I know for a fact that you still like chocolate croissant

because when I saw you at the cafe with your new friends that was the first thing you ordered.

You saw me too and smiled.

That’s what I remember of that day, it was exactly 40 days ago.

She told me that you told her

that you miss me like the stars miss the sun in the night sky

and you’d rather talk to me than about me.

Please do. 



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