Begin Again

Have you noticed how quickly the sand slides down to the other side of the hourglass? 

It seems almost fascinating until you turn it upside down and watch it fall all over again.

Have you ever played tug-of-war till your hands are scratchy and knees muddy? 

I wish I was the rope you clung to so tightly 

then atleast I would have you no matter what. 

Did you caress the letters I wrote you so long ago? 

Because time will forever be my enemy 

and I can’t seem to remember the words. 

Moments both good and bad fly away in the blink of an eye 

and all we’re thinking of are new beginnings. 

But aren’t we all running in the circles of the same mistakes 

repeated and repeated and we never get any closer to our destinations. 

I never get any closer to you. 

Do you still believe in fresh starts 

because we have tried it quite a few times now but i gave up on them a long time ago. 



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