Midnight Revelations

You hope that time will fix it all.

That time will somehow act as a band-aid on the damage-

that years have caused. 

You think that three months apart are more than enough. 

to bring you back to your senses. 

And you think that now,

since your days are filled with thoughts of someone else, 

his shadow wouldn’t brush with yours

and you wouldn’t nearly break down. 

But you see,

you’ll never love someone the way you loved him. 

To put it as bluntly as I can,

you’ll search for him in every crowded room

and once you find him-

you won’t look away. 

Once you find him,

you’ll realize he won’t look your way. 

And it’s not something heartbreaking to you

because you’ve known this all the while. 

You’ve known that your paths are parallel

but never crossing. 

And time doesn’t fix anything. 

If only, it makes you miss them more. 

It makes you wish you could hold their hand and that they stay. 

But they never do. 

Even when they love you back, 

it’s never the same.


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