Selfish One

I think I’ve always been the selfish one, 

Trying to put people in straight lines, 

Just to hold on for a little bit longer.

Whether it was the first boy 

Who made home in my ribcage

With his crooked words or his lopsided grin

Or my bestfriend who is a

little bit of sunshine and a little bit of sin. 

I think I try a bit too hard

To stretch memories like a canvas. 

Even if I know seasons are temporary

And nothing ever lasts for an eternity.

But you see,

it’s essential to rewind the tapes, 

How else am I going to remember- 

That you wore a silver chain.

Or you like your hair straight 

And you love your family.

I think I need to remind myself,

Of old times a little bit and a lot.

Because I don’t know any other way

To get through life. 



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