When you go to sleep at night

Do you miss the way I sounded. 

Like a decade old wine had come undone 

and was pouring itself out in every being of you. 

Do you miss the way I touched your shoulder 

And said your name 

and told you I hated you and never meant any of it. 

I sometimes go back to the time of 4 am laughter 

And you leaving the room when I entered. 

It’s hard for me to understand what you were to me. 

For I was more than a friend but never anything else to you.

I guess I knew that it wasn’t anything remotely close to love- contrary to popular belief. 

It was as if I knew you. 

And I have known you. 

A recognition running deeper than facades 

and words 

and experiences. 

A sort of memory penned down 

and forgotten 

but slowly forming the face of a mirage. 

It was as what they call an “almost” to love.

A connection but with all the wires mismatched. 

Atleast for me. 


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