Unsent Letters- I


You never meet my eyes. I wasn’t expecting to see you today but through some funny trick of fate our paths collided and you orbited into my tiny little world of self-preservation. 

Our eyes met literally but did not meet metaphorically. 

The meeting was hasty, to say the least with me biting my lips out of nervousness and you looking anywhere but at me. 

I was with a friend. 

You came ahead and hugged him.

I was your friend or actually more than a friend and you didn’t even ask me how I was even though we met after 6 months and 23 days. 

I miss you. 

I really do. 

And you don’t miss me or atleast I don’t know if you do or not. 

Your mum was in the car and you were in a hurry to get back and I get it

but I saw you after 6 months and 23 days and that’s a long time. 

The last time we met you made it clear that you miss having a friend to have honest conversations at 4 am with. 

You miss being able to say all that you say without feeling judged or lonely. 

We were never together. 

But we were close. 

And I miss that. 

I have a hundred people around me and my days are filled with questions and inquisitive thoughts and mindless chatter and so are yours. 

But in the noise that engulfs me, you are the only silence I seek. 

You could have atleast looked me in my eyes. 

You could have atleast said more than a walking hello. 

You could have stayed for a couple more seconds.

There is so much more you could’ve done. 

You should’ve done. 



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