Human Emotions


Love : When you open your eyes in the morning and a smile creeps upon your face, 

know that someone somewhere has the privilege to be loved by you unconditionally. 

Hate : Is not the opposite of love. 

They are friends that go hand in hand.  

So what if you saw him hold her by her waist in the hallway, he held yours first. 

It’s not her mistake, it’s not your mistake and it’s not his mistake. 

Greed : It is the want of another spoonful of Nutella after you’ve finished the entire jar. 

Sure it tasted heavenly, but is it really good for you?

Passion : It is your need to fill the blank lines of your soul with words that you do not even understand the importance of for most times.  

Never stop writing on these pages.

Regret : When you walk around with a pocket full of “what if’s” and “should have’s” 

and they weigh you down like stones in the sea. 

Lust : It is a rollercoaster experience. 

A rush that you get when you feel someone’s breath on your neck. 

A mind numbing – goosebumps raising fleeting feeling. 

Hope : It is so much more than the sunshine after a thunderstorm. 

It is a driving force, a reason to breath. 

Hope is a miracle you find when everything that you have had is lost. 



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