You can always hear the silence in other people’s laughter. 

But when someone asks you 

If you remember his name,

you swear you can feel the loud in the memory of his smile. 

And when they ask you,

if you regret the morning coffee 

you go back to the white linen cloth 

and the rise of the steam and the grey of his eyes and 

how day after day 

you’d walk into the hurricane. 

You’d never say the 6 letter word 

because given a choice 

you’d beat yourself black and blue 

And drown in the waves that break you. 

A love isn’t a love until it engraves burn marks 

on your heart. 

And this love left you with a burning cigarette 

and you’ve been smoking ever since. 

The sun hasn’t risen yet

and you’re sleeping with your eyes open. 

Still, it’s their quiet you’re deciphering and 

Never the reason for your own. 



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