Tapri – The Tea House


IMG_1989.jpgIn the beginning of January this year, I went on a trip to Jaipur for 10 days. Though I have been going to Jaipur all my life, I mean I was literally born in that city, it is after 18 years that I had a chance to actually witness all that the city has to offer. And eIMG_1977.jpgven though most of my time was spent soaking in the rhythm of the literature fest, I did manage to take some time out and visit some of the coolest nooks that have opened up over the last few years in the city.

Amongst all the good and aesthetically pleasing cafes that I went to, one of my absolute favorite cafes indisputably remains “Tapri – The Tea House.”

Located opposite Central Park – Jaipur in C-Scheme, perched up on a rooftop, this is one of those places where you could hop in for a delicious meal with soothing music or just hang out with your friends or family on a particularly decent weather day.IMG_5820

The first time I visited the café was for breakfast. The air was a little crisp considering it was January but the sun was shining at just the right temperature, which made the whole experience so much better. I and my friends ordered Cutting Chai, Masala Chai, Aloo Paratha, Bachelor’s Maggi, Muska Bun and Chilly Cheese Toast. All of which were amazing. Though I myself, am not a tea drinker I was assured by my friends that anyone who doesn’t drink tea will start drinking it after they try it at Tapri. The food tasted delicious and was more than fulfilling. Also, there’s no need to worry if you like me are not a tea drinker because they do have an “Unchai” section to their menu where they serve drinks which are not Tea. I had the “Tapri Coffee” which is coffee made with handmade coffee paste and it was delectable, you can take my word for it.

IMG_2014.jpgWe also ordered a “Nutella Pancake” and even though we were absolutely full, we could not deny the charm of chocolate on a right-cooked pancake.

Apart from the food, the place in itself has a very relaxing atmosphere. It is built aesthetically so you can click multiple pictures if you like to document your visits to a place like me; the service is very friendly and the music blaring over the speakers is easy to listen to. We even picked up a song we didn’t know before and listen to it even now from time to time. Other than that, they even sell little Knick Knacks so you can get souvenirs for people back home or for yourself. I got myself 2 diaries (because you can never have enough journals and notebooks.)


IMG_2016.jpg                            IMG_5808

I definitely suggest you visit the Central branch of the café if you are ever in the city and crave a good hearty breakfast or just that perfect cup of tea. I bet you are going to love it, I myself visited the place thrice over my 10 days of stay and that in itself, says a lot.

IMG_2128.jpg           IMG_1980.jpg




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    1. Pratz says:

      Thankyou so much 🙂

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      1. Sonal Dugar says:

        Hey miss head girl.. I have to say your writings are beautiful. .♥


      2. Pratz says:

        Oh wow, people still remember, that’s nice. Remind me again which class you are in or were in when I passed out. I’d like to think I knew almost everyone back in school though I could be very well mistaken.

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      3. Sonal Dugar says:

        Ofcourse, we remember our seniors.. by the way my name is sonal dugar if you can recall maybe..
        Well, this is my site..
        I’d love if you drop by!!


      4. Pratz says:

        Yeah that’s nice. I have had a look at your blog. You write well 🙂

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  1. arv! says:

    Indeed tapri is one of the most popular places to experience in Jaipur. January is one of the best season to visit tapri when the weather is perfect to sit out in the sun. Lovely post

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pratz says:

      Yes Indeed 🙂 Thankyou 🙂

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